Hennock was inspired by my eldest daughter whilst sat on the platform of Staverton Station in Devon.
In an effort to get away from Ready to Run I chose 3mm scale to model this layout having previously exhibited a large Tri-ang TT layout. I hope the ramblings that all to frequently appear will be of use to you no matter what scale!
The track diagram shows a simple passing station with a couple of sidings. All track is PECO Hom-12mm gauge with turnouts operated by the wire in tube method. Control is provided by Gaugemaster HH with feedback.
Locos are mostly whitemetal kits running on etched chassis powered by Mashima 9/16 motors with Branchlines 40:1 gearboxes. Wheels are Markits with the latest 3mm Society products being introduced.
Coaches consist of Society 'B' Sets and coaches from etches by Worsley Works, Brynkits and 3SMR. A vast range of wagons are from the 3mm Society list with Finney and Smith providing the China Clay , Gunpowder and a few etched kits.
Hennock has appeared in Railway Modeller and Model Rail.
Please visit the links to the left - 3mm is the Premier Scale for modellers-


General view of Layout.The facia has since been varnished.

The Degree Inn

The Degree Inn
In recognition of my eldest Daughter's achievement. She is also the one who gave me the push to build the layout.

14XX and Autocoach

14XX and Autocoach
Shows Station building-based on Staverton.

Hennock Track Plan

Hennock Track Plan

Friday, May 31, 2013

Hornby 3MM R-T-R.

Due to the poll being compromised, I regrettably, cannot produce any meaningful results. This is both annoying and frustrating that the poll had been compromised making the results meaningless-I cannot print my feelings.
So- it means that I will have to source a reliable poll system which will produce an unsullied result.
Bear with me as time is at a premium and I don't wish to waste yours or mine.
You may be interested to know that the posts generated nearly 200 visits! Add to that interest on various groups and you will understand my frustration.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dorset Modellers Meeting June 2013.

Quick, if late, reminder of our meeting this Saturday 1st June.
Meeting details on Dorset Group page.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hornby 3MM R-T-R?

The comments I am getting show that there is great enthusiasm for 3mm scale.
If ready to run were introduced then it is a great opportunity to get back to modelling. With, perhaps, a limited selection available initially it gives a basis for creativity by the beleagured cottage industries to flouish where, with the array of RTR, they have perhaps foundered with the mainstream scales.
The 3mm Society would benefit, being able to offer the 'bits and pieces' needed to create a believeable layout.
There seems to be a growing unrest that modellers want to get back to modelling- this is your chance!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

3mm Scale R-T-R!

No it's not April 1st- so no sniggering at the back!
I must make it clear from the outset that this is a request for feedback and NOT a formal intention.
Hornby have an interest in all things model railways. Simon Kohler was inspired by the 3mm models displayed at the Alexandra Palace exhibition. This led to a discussion with the Society Chairman about various aspects of 3mm models currently available.
Part of the conversation was to ask that if Hornby were to produce a newly tooled model what should it be. A loco or a piece of rolling stock? The suggestion being that the 3MM membership could be asked the question and from those answers recieved Hornby would be able to see the feasability of such a project.
I will reitterate that this does NOT mean that Hornby will be plunging headlong into 3mm, just asking the question.
To open it up more, and to get ,perhaps, a wider concensus this post has been made to encourage wider opinion.
To voice your opinion, which will be passed to Simon Kohler, please please select the options shown on the left.
 This is your chance- don't lose it!
This post has been made with the full knowledge and permission of Simon Kohler of Hornby.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

3MM Society AGM 2013.

The AGM for this year was held in somewhere called Manchester and the distance involved precluded me from attending for many complex reasons.
So there are no pictures of competition entries as previous years.
As I understand it there were no contentious issues-I wasn't there!
The main bulk of this post is the expected new releases in the Premier Scale over the next few months.
Andy Shillito- New Products Officer revealed the following to the attentive masses.
Progress has continued apace.
As regards track, ply templates will be available in .8mm and 1.5mm thick. Presently B6 turnouts are available but others will be available on request. Sheets of sleeper strip in both 2.5 and 3mm widths were available for inspection.
Wheels-Seven new wheelcentres are imminant including Webb and Bulleid drivers. Other types including pony's will require new or existing tyres.Other types including those for the Pug will be produced but maybe in short runs.
Wagons-The LMS Brake van, part of the Eric Bruton lagacy is still awaited and some test shots were available for inspection.
Locos-A cast 4F was also part of the aforementioned Eric Bruton leagacy and this appears to be bearing fruit and may be available fron both the Society and an outside supplier. The LMS Pug which ahs wheels mentioned above has some work to do but should be available later this year.The Patrit is progressing as is work on a Stanier Mogul. The Garrett should finally be released as will a batch of Stanier 2-6-4T cast kits.
Transfers-Replacement transfers are becoming hard to source with makers seemingly reluctant to take the Societies money!
Additionally, plastic coaches and the Jinty have stalled due to illness of the toolmaker. Castings are needing some work- professional and practical to replenish stocks but this is being actively pursued.
Altogether a full programme carried out by some very willing volunteers whose dedication is recognised by your scribe.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Who is looking?

Daily I am amazed at the level of interest shown in a 3MM scale specific blog!
Looking at the countries that view my humble ramblings, some come as a surprise. I have already mentioned Afghanistan and Iraq but recently there seems to be an interest from Sweden. Is this because of a resurgant interest in Agnetha Faltskog (the blonde one) and the release of her new album?
Conversely word has spread from eastern countries that have an interest in things 3mm.
I would be interested to know as I want to discuss those things that interest and inform not blindly pour forth my own preferences. I don't like publishing forums but if you have any thoughts please post on 3mmscale@hotmail.co.uk This will be an experiment and will be withdrawn if misused.So lets get interactive!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It all comes to those who wait.

Sorry if this is becoming a bit indulgent- there are good reasons which some might be aware.
Being unable to do much in the way of 3mm modelling I have been able to enjoy a day out- a rare occurance- and just want to show how the next generation enjoy what we have enjoyed for many years.
Forget the rivet counters and just enjoy what is really a great big train set!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Deceptive Appearance.

Appearances can sometimes be deceptive. Take this picture. Outwardly it is of a north American loco- the type I remember that Casey Jones used to drive.
However, this is the outward appearance and this loco is of the combustion that is internal- suck, squeeze, bang and blow as I was taught at Technical College.
The driver pushes a button, the ,silenced, engine starts up and off it goes.
Paultons Park is its home and I spent a lovely weekend with my Grand kids recently.
So- everything is not what it seems- the Grand kids were none the wiser- looks like a train- therefore it is a train- QED when I went to school.

Monday, May 13, 2013

3MM Scale in the Press.

This month we are spoiled for 3mm scale articles in the Model Railway press.
First to appear in Railway Modeller was the article by Katier Scott with a first installment of scratchbuilding a 3mm chassis, this being for a J72.
British Railway Modelling has gone one better with a front page picture of the Chiltern Group's 'Gerrards Cross'. This excellent spread does justice to the efforts of Andrew Comben and others who are all members of the 3mm Society.
A great advert for themselves and the scale.
Well done all- keep it up.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Nigels Worsley Works Coaches.

 Nigel is busy assembling a couple of rakes of coaches for his St Agnes layout.
Shown here are some examples that have already had the livery applied.
They range from Bow-ended Colletts to Toplights.
I particularly like the interiors he has fabricated from plasticard- correctly spaced as well.
I am sure there will be a further update at the next Dorset Group meeting.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

3MM Society Coach Wheels.

Having exhausted my stock of coach wheels, I ordered a fresh batch from the Society Shop.
A quick e-mail was promptly replied to and the cheque sent off.
I recieved my needs in the post in quick order and pictured is what I recieved.
This is a new type and appear to be concentric and have fine flanges.
The wheels now have to be assembled onto the supplied axle- I was spoiled previously-and the back to back gauge used to ensure correct spacing.
Well thats another night's modelling taken care of!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Worsley Bow -ended B Set.

As well as theearlier flat ended coaches that formed B Sets, Worsley also produce the Bow-ended version.
Cleanly etched in brass, the photo shows how Nigel is getting on with the build.
Already painted in maroon, the bogie frames await their sideframes.
Longer than the originals, a recessed guards door is also a difference in design which makes the build a little harder.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

M7 Build Continues.

 The next stage is to produce and fit the boiler.
This is simply a 13mm brass tube sourced from my local model shop- this one specialises in radio control aeroplanes but keeps a good stock of general modelling supplies.
Once cut to length, the area around the motor/gearbox needs to be cut away. Once this has been done the whole thing is aligned and the boiler soldered into place.
In hindsight, it would have been easier to thread a bolt through and tighten a nut to hold it all together in line- but as they say hindsight is a wonderful thing.
Now theboiler is attached, the body can be assembled onto the footplate.
One thing with this kit is that ,being etched in nickle silver, it does solder together well and the fit has been exact so far and looking at the rest I have no reason to doubt that the rest will also fit.
So on to the body next!

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Dorset Group Meeting May 2013.

 The Group Meeting isn't always restricted to 3mm Scale modelling.
We all have other scale interests and this shows Roberts latest layout-O Gauge.
This is being built as part of a project to recreate as much of the Swanage Branch as can be accomodated in the larger hall adjacent to where we meet. One more turnout needs to be built, the plan is already in position, to complete the trackwork.
The framework is in position to commence the scenic work also.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Helping Hands.

This piece of equipment is often overlooked- I know!
Helping Hands have been around for ,what seems, ever.
Here it is being used to hold a coach bogie fret whilst the couplings are attached.
These bogies will be part of the current topics about coach building- hopefully spuring you on to try your hand.

Monday, May 06, 2013

Where am I?

 Sometimes it is advantageous to take a photo as a reminder where a particular set of pictures were taken.
These are views taken some 100 yards from our Group Meeting place at Furzebrook.
The main track to Swanage is the one that has shiny rail head, the sidings at Furzebrook clearly have not been regularly used.
Also of interest is the variation in colouring of the ballast. The bufferstop has clearly seen better days, the siding being something of a dumping ground.

Back to the theme of this post- we are clearly advised of our location and the ownership of the bridge clearly stated.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Seriously-Its Southern.

 In another life I have to confess I modelled in 4mm-OO really! Now, that may come as a shocking revelation to some but, I am not ashamed!
The layout, East Boldre ( for Hatchet Pond) was based in the New Forest, near Beaulieu actually. As with all my layouts, East Boldre is a figment of the imagination although one resident of said village queried this as the location and, more especially- trees, convinced her to check her local history.
Why am I telling you this?
Well, I had started to build East Boldre 2 in 4mm but decided to replicate the layout in 3mm. The basic boards have been sold and the money will be used to buy the wood for, what will be, my third 3mm layout.
You may have noticed that some Southern items have been creeping in to what has been a blog about modelling ex-GWR territory. This will enable me to indulge my childhood passion because I have had association and have had close attachment to the main Bournemouth- Waterloo main line for most of my life.
The pictures show my 4mm efforts and to this end a layout with about 7ft viewing area will be created. I will use 3mm Society 12mm gauge track with Hugh Martins superb handbuilt pointwork. This time the track will be laid on cork and have SEEP pointmotors operating them It will not be instant but the wood will be aquired soon- so if it's BR9Souther) that interests you-WATCH THIS SPACE!

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Bulleid Brake Coaches.

 Usually I batch build coaches and this time a couple of Bulleid Brakes are also being made.
These have bow ends so the build is different.The picture to the left shows part of the etch removed and the difference in ends is shown.
Bent up in the same way but a couple of lugs protrude to enable the bow end to be formed.
The lower photo shows this better than descriptive words, a little trickier because of the end steps which need a little more packing to enable the body to sit right on the chassis.
Dorset Group meeting today 4th May 2013.

Friday, May 03, 2013

Sides On.

The sides and ends have been soldered together. Care must be taken to make sure all is kept square.
The lower picture shows the assembled body attached to the chassis. 12BA bolts are used to screw into the captured nuts on the ends.
The top photo has the frames bent down and a fillet of solder run along the etched folds to give a bit more strength.
The structure is remarkably strong, this is useful as a plastic roof from the Society 'B' Set is to be used on this coach. The aluminium on supplied by Worsley need too much work to clear the toplight windows.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

End Steps.

Bit of a mistake this time!
The fold up etch for the end steps have gone wrong-ho hum!
As can be seen the lower R/H step has gone walkabout (Other Australian Beer outlets are available).
I will have to live with this as I will probably destroy the coach if I attaempt to rectify it.
Does show the toplight etch well though!

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Coach Building Continues.

 The ends are easily made with a piece of scrap brass under the bit with the nut whilst soldering to the end.
The nut has been attached which aids the screwing together of top and bottom bits- I know all the technical bits me (not).
Jumping on a bit all sides and ends are attached- in this case screwed together with the floor- hence the piece of scrap. This gives clearance to let the end sit evenly with the floor.
The slots in the ends are for the steps which have been cleverly etched by Allan.
Dorset Group meeting this Saturday 4th May 2013.