Hennock was inspired by my eldest daughter whilst sat on the platform of Staverton Station in Devon.
In an effort to get away from Ready to Run I chose 3mm scale to model this layout having previously exhibited a large Tri-ang TT layout. I hope the ramblings that all to frequently appear will be of use to you no matter what scale!
The track diagram shows a simple passing station with a couple of sidings. All track is PECO Hom-12mm gauge with turnouts operated by the wire in tube method. Control is provided by Gaugemaster HH with feedback.
Locos are mostly whitemetal kits running on etched chassis powered by Mashima 9/16 motors with Branchlines 40:1 gearboxes. Wheels are Markits with the latest 3mm Society products being introduced.
Coaches consist of Society 'B' Sets and coaches from etches by Worsley Works, Brynkits and 3SMR. A vast range of wagons are from the 3mm Society list with Finney and Smith providing the China Clay , Gunpowder and a few etched kits.
Hennock has appeared in Railway Modeller and Model Rail.
Please visit the links to the left - 3mm is the Premier Scale for modellers-


General view of Layout.The facia has since been varnished.

The Degree Inn

The Degree Inn
In recognition of my eldest Daughter's achievement. She is also the one who gave me the push to build the layout.

14XX and Autocoach

14XX and Autocoach
Shows Station building-based on Staverton.

Hennock Track Plan

Hennock Track Plan

Friday, March 28, 2014

From the archive.

Something different today. A picture taken on 12th August 1987 by Mac Hawkins and given to my father by his late friend Bob Goodfellow.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


No pictures today- just a round up of recent news.
Firstly, Hattons are stocking TT-here Continental 1:120 to be accurate- Tillig Train Sets to be precise but it is a start. Whilst to continental outline there may be a use for some of the stock or, if we are really lucky, someone might spot it and produce 3mm scale!
Secondly, I was disappointed to see that Simon Kohler is to leave Hornby. I met Simon several times and he was always up for a chat and was the perfect ambassador for Hornb. It must have been a hard task to answer for circumstances that were beyond your control and probably his remit. Still, I understand he is to continue in a consulting role for a time- after that I wish him well and am sure he will excell in his future career.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Valejo Black Undercoat.

Just a few minutes of modelling time so I thought I would brush on an undercoat on the many figures I have to paint.
After a quick shake as it says on the bottle and a soft brush in hand it took only a few minutes work to see these undercoated.
Quick drying this stuff- so quick that the figures didn't stick to the paper after most fell off the screws topped with blue-tac that I was using!
Well the blue -tac is old, must dig out the fresh stuff before the next stage.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

More Flowers from Mininatur.

Those nice people at Antenocitis Workshop also provided some more flowers for the layouts- Red, white,Yellow and Violet- best supplier i could find for these excellent range of floristry!
Excuse the poor photo, they look so much better when planted.
At just over £4 each these packs provide, as before, an excellent display of colour- again I am just a happy customer with no link to the business.
As an aside, we will have another booking for Teignford later this year. Will confirm venue and dates when confirmed.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Linic Multi Angled Guillotine.

I remember when Proops was in the Tottenham Court Road. Used to have a quick look and buy whenever I could get a parking spot- many years ago now.
Well- I was looking for a supplier of 'The Chopper'
 made by NWSL if I remember correctly, my mate Colin has one.
I had a quick look at Proops website and lo and behold they had this for under a tenner. Plus a few spare blades until I can find out wether I can use single edge razor blades.
To cut a story short I ordered one and this has landed on the doorstep.
 I really want it to cut roof tiles/ slates for buildings and I think this will do the job- can't wait to get cutting.
So the moral of this post? Look around the web- and Proops- there is a
wealth of modelling tools to be had- just takes a bit
 of time.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Antenocitis Workshop Static Grass.

Following on from the last post, I ordered a few things from Antenocitis, who are primarily a wargaming trader.
However, they also sell many scenic items which the 3mm modeller can use and this is one.
1mm Summer Grass Mix will do nicely for East Boldre as I already have some longer stands to use, but as many say, mix the colours- so I will!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Valejo Black Surface Primer.

Those of you who have been paying attention may have remembered that I had a number of white metal figures to paint. Being somewhat lazy (or Knac****) of late I hadn't the time or inclination to venture into my still wet shed.
So I was looking for a household friendly primer, preferably acrylic.
Whilst browsing I found this- Surface primer by Valejo. I know their paints are good because Tom- The Weatherman , always uses them and I had heard that this black primer would do what I wanted- time will tell.
I got this and a few other things which I will bore you about later in the week from Antenocitis Workshop -their service is excellent and have keen prices- no other connection other than a satisfied customer.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

More Morris 8.

 Once the headlamps are fitted, a minimum amount of flash is filed off below the engine bay to enable the body to sit square on the chassis.
The four wheels are superglued on the axles and left to dry. It is a simple matter to fix the complete axles into place, snug fitting in both cases.
The spare wheel is positioned and the rear bumper, with luggage carrier (no boot on one of these!).
And there we have it, a completed Morris 8.
Just some painting to do now but I think a few more things need preparing before breaking out the paint!
Just need to undercoat the animals now.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

3MM Society Morris 8.

 This really is a smashing little kit. Laziness overtook me-again- and I didn't open out the windows, maybe a mistake but we will see.
There are no instructions, just an exploded diagram but with only a few parts assembly is really self explanatory. The only thing to do is drill out the front wings to fit the headlamps.
Minimum cleaning up is needed but you will have to wait for completion.
Till then I hope the pics capture the parts, I seem to have finally mastered this camera!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Etched Brass Windows.

As you can see, these are 3MM Society DS 23, etched brass Engine Shed windows.
They can of course be used for other things- which they probably will.
Until then, they are excellent etches which would grace any building.

Monday, March 10, 2014

3MM Society Morris 8 Series 2.

 My Dad had one of these, well several actually and so I was delighted when this kit became available again.
The first I remember was DXE 790, an all black example which my Father rebuilt only to be T boned by the local Doctor!
The second was NV 1690 IIRC, a two tone black and blue which a friend aquired many years later and had painted flames coming out of the side bonnet.
Many happy memories facilitated by the chaps at the Society Shop- Cheers Lads!

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Station Canopy Supports

These cast white metal gems are from the 3mm Society shop.
For around a pound these are suffuicient for the station building that will grace East Boldre.
With the wealth of goodies that I have, I must get on, weather permitting, and build the baseboards.
These will be my standard-now-3'6'' x 16'' 6mm ply braced with 2''x1'' red deal.
This will enable me to use a common fiddle yard for both Teignford and subsequent layouts. I can't see why I have to have a fiddle yard for all layouts when a common one will do. Also will help to have only one adaptable light gantry.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

More Cullibo!

Mouthwatering eh! Remember 1st April orders!

Friday, March 07, 2014

The Signal Mans Dog.

Faithfully waiting for his master to finish his shift, Woody stands guard at the bottom of the Signal Box steps.
These scenes were seen all over the railway system in days gone by.
Today, with H&S it would not be seen- or would it?

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Smallbrook Studios Brake Van.

 We seem to be getting off the 3mm theme!
However, Nigel couldn't resist a bargain and picked this kit up at the recent Northampton show for a fiver, all he needed to add was a set of wheels.
Cast in resin , it was made up as per the instryuctions and has turned into a lovely model of the prototype.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The Cullibo hits the streets.

 Announced for release and delivery on the 1st April is a new product.
Specifically made for driving a single  Railcar, it utilises a Mashima 10/16 motor, High Level Gearbox and rolling stock axles all cobbled together in an etched brass coach bogie frame.
Limited to a hundred, punters will have to wait till the 1st April to buy!

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Cement Silo.

 Colin has scratch built this superb Cement Silo.
As a Dorset Modeller, Pine Road is his current layout, he models to 4mm.
I won't hold that against him though because it really is a nifty bit of scratchbuilding using, I believe a simple funnel for the lower part of the hopper.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Station Signs-Again

 I was so pleased with the signs I recieved from Jeff at Station Signs that I had to have some more!
So, I am going to update the signs on Teignford, large ones on the layout fascia and the small ones dotted around the layout and on the lamp posts.
The Swanage ones are for the group layout.
Whatever scale you model in, speak to Jeff, he is a most obliging man and delivery is Quick!
Fresh as a daisy prints and I wish my photography skills did more justice.
Highly Recommended.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Southern Country Stations.

This volume, by Robert Antell is one I have been searching for some time.
It is a wealth of drawings and photos, more than the other Ian Allan offering in two volumes of the Great Western.
This will spur me on to get some buildings started for East Boldre.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Tri-ang TT at Northampton.

Going back to the root of 3mm, this large Tri-ang TT layout is by Kevin West and diplayed a large chunk of the items produced by the Margate factory.
Run on Type A track, it took me back to our layout which was the reason that 3mm became my prefered scale.